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我的家乡英语yabo官网80词带翻译 (3000字)

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  My hometown Shao Dong, is a land of fish and rice, orange township, there is also a prosperous city. Although Shao Dong is not big, but I love Shao Dong.

  I love the hometown of reservoir. On one occasion, we went to the cave to play, passing a reservoir, the endless blue waves with the water, to break out. Green mountains with clear water. Waterfowl like received an invitation from nature, hurried to the reservoir above the dancing, just like a beautiful landscape painting.

  I love the hometown of the field. The late autumn season, casing of orange trees, small lanterns hung, approached a look, this is where the lantern, was shimmering oranges! In the whole stream, small groups of fish in the play, grass carp as reserved gentleman, easygoing to swim in deep water; Carp like naughty children, the high jump. Rice in the field waves rolling, during the day, people in the field cultivation; In the evening, people with a fishing rod leisurely sitting on the river.

  I love my hometown city. At a young age, the city is full of garbage, sunny day is grey, rainy day is mud, really let a person feel sick. Now, wide cement road convenient; These skyscrapers, can take the lift to the top; Busy pedestrian street in the supermarket and lively, everywhere surging crowd; Center of the park under the big tree, there are rows of the bench to rest to the person, there are many small bench next to fitness equipment; And one small unit of the courtyard, the yard has a garden, pavilions, white wall, the wall covered with ivy and grasses, herbs, or feel more tender in accordance with the people.

  Shao Dong is my beautiful hometown, I love my hometown Shao Dong.







  My hometown is a small town, where beautiful scenery, the green trees and colorful.

  Spring, the branches out the pale green branches, buds lazily opened his eyes, the flowers are in full bloom, red, yellow, purple, colorful. Flowers are an intoxicating fragrance, attracted a large group of butterflies, dancing in the air. Isn't it a beautiful sight!

  Summer arrived, the leaves turned green, flowers are blooming zero stars. We also like to go to the pond to play, see a pond that the trees tall and straight like a warrior. Lotus opened, the ornament is between the green lotus leaves. To meet the rising sun, is really "next day endless blue lotus, video on lotus another red!" Our children love eat lotus. One see fish under the lotus leaf of swimming in droves, as in the classical poetry says so: "lotus leaf tiantian, fish play between the lotus. Lotus plants play east, west. Fish play lotus plants fish play south, the lotus lotus north fish play."

  Autumn, wild geese flying south, while arranged in chevron, for a while in a glyph. Under the blue sky is a piece of golden wind blows only corn is yellow, the leaves are yellow. Pieces of the leaves leave the tree mother's arms, alone to "travel". Farmer uncle is happy and busy in this season because they planted corn with hard work in mature. They are busy to harvest!

  Winter arrived. Pieces of snowflakes swirl down from the sky to the ground, the whole world a piece of white, snow on the outstretched palm, before he could get the eyes look, they just can't wait to melt into each small water droplets.

  My hometown is beautiful, I love my hometown!







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