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2016关于网上购物英语yabo官网 (2000字)

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  Nowadays, more and more developed science and technology. Originally weigh a few tons of computer, along with the progress of The Times, unexpectedly turned into just a few hundred grams so light. Meant to run the distance to the rt mart, in order to do some shopping, but now I can never leave home shopping with the mouse, the postman will send the thing you want to home. In the past time, shopping, we will personally go to the supermarket, bag, bag to buy back,

  Since I met, "on-line shopping", after the brother I grew to like it. Online shopping has three advantages: (1) various items (2) low price (3) the convenient and quick.

  Yesterday, my mother and I just can't wait to open the computer in the morning. The web address into the "no. 1 shop". I've found here has just opened, can choose the project very much, such as office supplies, children's toys, leisure snacks, fashion clothes, furniture appliances and so on. There are many, many, let you see more dazzling, too many things to see. Opening soon, I found that this price is sold on the market is a lot cheaper. My mother and I were selected, finally took a fancy to a few sample of items. Ready to check out, convenient and quick here, first click on the "checkout", then choose the mode of payment, and then input the necessary conditions, and finally, our order is already to delivery site. I had thought to have a two or three days to get to the, because our order is Sunday, the most let a person did not think of, let me... My surprise, the item has arrived at destination on Monday noon. What this speed! So fast, don't know to what, they are either supersonic aircraft, rocket, or... Is that... Is by U... Xsl-fo.

  Items is various, the price is cheap, fast and convenient online shopping is always the three words. The most prominent, the deepest impression is convenient and quick!





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