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描写春天的英语yabo官网带翻译 (3000字)

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  导语: 春天来了,小草泛着淡淡的嫩绿,五颜六色的花儿竞相开放。花花草草钻出泥土,在微风中含笑。山山水水沐浴着阳光,展示自己独特的魅力。下面是yjbsyabo官网汇的小编为您收集整理的英语yabo官网,希望对您有所帮助。



  Spring, is a hopeful season, people are often looking forward to it, and when people are looking forward to, spring has quietly come. Do you want to know where is the spring? Let's go to take a look!

  Spring is coming, the weather is warmer and warmer, the grass green, the flowers, trees and sprouted. The peach blossom on the balcony. Pear flower. Chrysanthemum has grow a small bud, really exciting. Can be seen everywhere wild flowers in the mountain, long, dense, can say is coming on. All kinds of bright flowers and plants trees, forming a beautiful spring. In spring, people put up holiday began to work, to read the books. Work work, farmers uncle also began to cultivated land.

  The birds chirp in the sky, bees are buzzing, just hibernate up frogs croak in the lotus pond, the three sound together, not only increased a lot of vitality for spring, also the spectrum out a spring song of praise! I am deeply breathe a mouthful of sweet, feel how beautiful spring is!

  I like the day, but I prefer the beautiful scenery of spring.






  We all know, the spring is a colourful season. The grass and the new green clothes, they row tidy team, doing morning exercise! Floret wear red new hat, they bend the bow, bow to connect! The creek ice, "ding-dong, ding-dong" sound, vocal music being played? In the sky, orioles and swallows brings us happiness. A: wow! Spring is a colorful season!

  As the saying goes: spring, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. Spring is one of the most important season. Can make spring flowers in full bloom, in the fall, the flowers large, round fruit. If there is no spring, which come so much fruit? And can make the tree sprouted leaves in spring, summer, the leaves grow so lush and green, if did not have the spring, which come so much green leaves?

  I want to, I must study well, take a good result, grow up to become useful talents.





  Spring is coming! Spring is coming!

  Confusing wheat germination, shiny green wheat seeding is the wind blows, shaky, very interesting.

  Peach blossom opened, there are pink and white, very beautiful. If you stand in the distance, will think that are beautiful fairy was wearing a skirt dancing, at this time, you can't believe my eyes. If standing nearby, just know that it's yellow peach blossom in full bloom. Spring, winter jasmine has opened, and yellow, so beautiful. If you come to the field and would see beautiful peach, yellow jasmine and rape...

  Spring, the willow sent a small bud, pale green like tall willow is mom, small yaren is baby. Poplar bud, it is heart-shaped leaves, like a tree hung out, heart, is really "willow green, spring breeze warm m"!

  Spring, the swallow flew back from the south, chattering it, as if to say: "spring is coming! Spring is coming!"

  Children also came out, they take off the thick cotton-padded jacket, put on costumes of spring, running in the field, a game.

  Spring is so beautiful, you like the spring revival?














6.我喜欢春天英语yabo官网I like spring



9.我喜欢春天的英语yabo官网I love spring


  •   导语: 春天来了,小草泛着淡淡的嫩绿,五颜六色的花儿竞相开放。花花草草钻出泥土,在微风中含笑。山山水水沐浴着阳光,展示自己独特的魅力。下面是yjbsyabo官网汇的小编为...
  •   导语:春天又称春季,是一年中的第一个季节,是万物复苏的季节。春天气候温暖适中,中国内陆大部分地区少雨,万物生机萌发,气候多变,乍暖还寒。下面是yjbsyabo官网汇的小编...
  •   春天来了,春姐姐为大地带来了五彩的颜色。  Spring is coming, spring brings colorful color sister to the earth   她送给桃树粉色的背心,桃花的脸蛋...
  •   第一篇  Spring, people are more busy As the saying goes: at the spring You see, in the city& 39;s streets, was busy shuttling back and forth to figure, rural land, the farmers are sown the seeds of hope The walls of
  •   Bitterly cold winter may once come, but now it has gone   寒冷的冬天会到来,但现在它已经走了。  As my bike has been stolen, I have to r...
  •   冬去春来,又是一个四季的轮回。以下是小编带来的2017春天英语yabo官网,希望对你有帮助。  篇一:  What’s my favourite season? Let me tell you My fav...
  • 英文  My favourite season  Hello, my dear friends! What’s my favourite season? Let me tell you My favourite season is spring Spring is a lovely season, I think There is a garden behind my house In spring, the trees
  •   可爱的春姑娘,迈着轻盈的步子来到人间,那一片生机的景象便随之来到四面八方,整个世界像刚从一个漫长的睡梦中苏醒过来。下面是写春天的英语yabo官网,希望对你有帮助。  ...
  •   导语:春天来了,我最爱的春天来了。春天的早晨时多么的迷人呀。下面是YJBYSyabo官网汇小编为您收集整理的yabo官网,希望对您有所帮助。  春天的英语yabo官网(1)  Drive away th...
  •   下面是由语文迷网小编为大家整理的关于春天的风景的英语yabo官网,供大家学校参考,希望你喜欢。  关于春天的英语yabo官网:  Winter was gone,spring comes I love spr...
  •   I love summer very much In summer, it& 39;s hot, and sometimes it& 39;s rainy People wear T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses Girls lov...
  •   Spring is coming, a burst of spring rain also arrived The rain continuous underground, silently onto the earth A few days later, I want to go to long gang mountain, see the spring is really about   Just to long post
  •   范文  While walking in the school , I am attracted by a yellow , it& 39;s blooming  winter jasmine ! Yes ,Spring is coming , in every corner of the earth is full of Spring !  Spring scenery is so beautiful Looking
  •   我喜欢大学融化的春天,果实累累的秋天,大雪纷飞的冬天,我更喜欢五彩缤纷的夏天。  I like university melts in the spring, the fruit of autumn, snow ...
  •   导语:以下是小编为大家收集的几篇描写冬天的英语yabo官网。供大家参考阅读。希望喜欢。  描写冬天的英语yabo官网【一】  It is cold and dry outside The wind oft...
  •   下面是由语文迷网小编为大家整理的关于春天的风景的英语yabo官网,供大家学校参考,希望你喜欢。  关于春天的英语yabo官网:  Winter was gone,spring comes I love spr...
  •   For me the autumn or fall starts in September when school starts its new term I usually do some shopping   我觉得秋天是在九月新学期开始...
  •   导语:春天是美丽的,是生机勃勃的,是百花齐放的,一年四季之中有哪一个季节能比得上春天的万紫千红呢?下面是YJBYSyabo官网汇小编为您收集整理的yabo官网,希望对您有所帮助。 ...
  •   That is summer a hot season, heat, green, cicadas sing, summer is my favourite season!  Gentle voice just leave, summer brother follow immediately, but also carry the sun to grow strong, afraid you don& 39;t know the summe
  •   导语:春天,象征着一片生机勃勃的景色,站在一望无际的田野里,梨花张开了雪白的笑脸,杏花和桃花也从不同程度地绽开了花瓣儿。下面是YJBYSyabo官网汇小编为您收集整理的yabo官网...
  •   Spring is the most beautiful and the most wonderful season I love everything that the spring brings   In spring ,the days get warmer and warmer ,it& 39;s not cold and not hot And I can do enough outdoor activities, l
  •   Bitterly cold winter may once come, but now it has gone   寒冷的冬天会到来,但现在它已经走了。  As my bike has been stolen, I have to r...
  •   Summer morning, the sun rises from the east, glittering and translucent get rid of the dew fell on the green leaves Big rooster jacking it on "big red", perked up its colorful tail, shouted "oh oh oh oh oh, the room,
  •   导语:春天来了,虽然天气有点凉,但是万物复苏,一切充满生气,是个令人神往的季节。下面是YJBYSyabo官网汇小编为您收集整理的yabo官网,希望对您有所帮助。  春天的英语yabo官网(1...
  •   夏天,太阳炙烤着大地,路旁的荒草丛几乎要燃烧起来,空气中弥漫的热浪,让人喘不过气来。没有一丝风,河岸边的柳树垂下了头,路旁的美人蕉几乎都要枯萎了,唯独那可爱的...
  •   导语:春天是最美丽的使者,把自己的一切默默的奉献给了人类。下面是yjbysyabo官网汇小编为您收集整理的yabo官网,希望对您有所帮助。  春天英语yabo官网_第1篇:  Spring is co...

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