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我喜欢春天英语yabo官网(汇总) (3000字)

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  There are four seasons in a year, to Philippine green spring, scorching sun of summer, day high qi shuang autumn and snowy winter. Spring is my favorite.

  Spring is a season for revival. Grass from the ground test out of the head, the flowers contend in fragance and fascination, exhibit outline. Willow girl waving her arms, near the river the swallow flitted across the sky. Everywhere a vibrant spectacle.

  Spring is a hopeful season. The farmers in the field on the hard seed, the recovery and a grain of millet, the autumn harvest than a child. "they all want to have a good harvest in autumn. Students studying, but also in order to have a good result.

  Spring is a season of vigor. "Spring." Spring is the beginning of the year. See, the streets are full of children's footprints. Indeed, the spring is fit to be a lot of things, such as: kite flying, hiking, picnic, etc., can show the children's vigor, vitality and tong qu.

  Spring is a green season. Look at the green grass, green leaves, it is feast for the eyes.

  Of course, I also like the spring of life. The spring is the youth of life. That's very kind of youth, because you can grow up to feel with your heart. Whether it's dull, fine as silk, or strong and vigorous, youth is happy. As long as you cherish the feeling of youth, youth of the sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, will become the most precious treasure in your life journey.

  We don't feel inferior of youth, since the arrogance and conceit, not up, much good!

  I like spring, like a spring revival, like the spring of hope, like the spring vigor, like the spring green, also like the spring of life.

  Spring is infinite good, I like spring.











  Day by day in the winter is past, the spring is going to come back to our arms.

  So desperately, children's long-awaited spring has come, the beautiful spring is here, spring is coming, happy spring is coming!

  I think spring is the most beautiful picture of nature. Look, the warmth of the sun shine on the earth, and how comfortable ah. "The grass brother" had a good stretch, slowly climb from the ground up, can't wait to see the world outside. "Sister" flowers a then a, in the spring rain and sunshine moist test out the small head, there is a beautiful flower skirt, is really gorgeous. "Big brother" took off his heavy coat, put on the light of spring, to the children smile. Birds standing on the branch to meet the arrival of the voice.

  Ice and snow melt... Ding dong! Ding dong! Stream "tried" crisp voice, singing the song of spring, a group of ducks came to the river, swam up happily in the water. "Filar silk filar silk!" Spring rain unknowingly came to your window, you ask a good? Shout! Shout! Merry explosion in soil, looking forward to an early break out. Little willow soft curved waist, jumped up belong to spring dance. Look, white pear, pink peach blossom is also coming to us with a smile, as if to say, spring is beautiful, nature is beautiful. The children can't wait to tell them, quick to take us to go spring outing, spring has been singing.

  I like the beautiful spring!







  Some people like the hot sun hot summer, some people like the fruitful autumn, some people like snow in the winter, but I like the flowers of spring.

  Connect stepping light footsteps coming towards nature, she is like a magician, with a magic wand, waving everywhere. With a wave of his hand, her on the grass, the grass from the earth drill out; She told jasmine, jasmine tree was full of flowers; She of wild flowers, colorful wildflowers smiled from the grass. Voice like a painting teacher, add on to trees and flowers are colourful color, she gave the red on the draw, azaleas, edition makes them look gorgeous; She gave the grass on the draw, willow green, let them become more vibrant. A breeze blowing, the trees and flowers are blowing in the wind, they laughed cheerfully. The earth is full of vitality.

  Connect stepping light footsteps came to a small river, awaken the frozen river and swam in the bottom of the fish out of water, breathing the fresh air; Hibernate frog also woke up, singing cheerful tune; The swallow flew back from the south, enjoying the beautiful scenery here.

  Connect with the cheerful step came to our side, she help us to take off the thick sweater, put on the light. People are out of the house, some play in the park, some in the suburbs for an outing, and fly a kite on the grass. People grin.

  "Spring" spring is a good time, we don't miss her. I like spring.

  有人喜欢烈日炎炎的夏天,有人喜欢果实累累 的秋天,有人喜欢雪花纷飞的冬天,但我最喜欢鸟语花香的春天。


  春姑娘踏着轻快的脚步来到了小河边,唤醒了冻结的小河,潜游在水底 的鱼儿露出了水面,呼吸着新鲜的空气;冬眠的青蛙也苏醒了,唱着欢快的曲子;燕子从南方飞回来了,欣赏着这里的美景。




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